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Discover the Mountain[s] Trend Book #3

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Discover the Mountain[s] Trend Book #3


Have you realized?
Over the past few years, one thing has become certain. It is a subtle and very delicate evidence which can appear when, by magic or even by a miracle, one of our screens or radio devices offers our brain a few minutes of respite: our increasing
difficulty in exercising our critical skills with solidity and discernment.

Listening, curiosity, modesty, autonomy or lucidity: all our “soft skills” and “know-how” scattered to the four winds of our cognitive biases, these mental shortcuts that we happily take in case of emergency or uncertainty.

If we think we know what others think?… A bias of the curse of knowledge! When we put off a decision that has a potentially decisive impact?… A bias of the status quo! When we have the feeling that we give too much weight to banal questions…
Parkinson’s law of triviality!

Getting information to inform our choices has never been so complex: information overload, content filtering, false information, special effects… Our cognitive biases have never had it so easy.
Hacking our ways of thinking
Fortunately, our brain is also designed to adapt and learn. Feeding it with the right ingredients and guiding it with appropriate methodologies will be a key to success for our future decision making…In all modesty, this is the goal of this

Every day, we have a greater understanding of the need for foresight: detecting, analysing and sharing in order to anticipate and act. This trend book is here, along with other tools, to encourage us to listen, broaden our field of vision (or even change our glasses), stand back, guide us in our strategies and to animate the resilience and the transformation of the mountain territories.

An international vision
Opening, comparing, taking inspiration. In this third edition, we offer you the accounts of 22 French and international experts. Each in their own field and context shares their visions, their questions and their certainties, with the aim of inspiring and confronting points of view to live the mountain of today and imagine the one of tomorrow. We invite you to embark on our ISS (International Space Station) to look at our mountains from a little further away!

Too simplistic? No, pragmatism and action!
We are firmly convinced that time taken to reflect is a precious investment for being more efficient in action. Being more efficient in action also means acquiring pragmatic tools and methodologies that we can apply individually or collectively.
This year, we are sharing with you tools for innovation and creativity that are particularly well adapted to the context of mountain territories.
The world is vast, the stakes are numerous and high, the future is obviously uncertain, but the players and the mountain territories are highly resourceful. Did you know?

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