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Press Releases



Launch of the call for projects “Innovative and International Mountain” [French] - 25th April 2016


Emploi Montagne


ANMSM, new partner of [French] – 14th April 2016




Discover the winners of the Cluster Montagne Awards! [English] – 14th April 2016


Conférence digitale


Conférence digitale 14/04/2016 : ” Comment le digital transforme l’expérience en montagne ? ” par E-Liberty, Lumiplan Montagne, Mhikes, Skaping et Switch, en partenariat avec le Cluster Montagne – 22nd March 2016


The French Mountain distributes its awards ! [French] – 26th February 2016



Congrès OMT

Cluster Montagne will be a speaker at the 9th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism [French] – 16th February 2016



Signature Atout France

Partnership between Cluster Montagne & Atout France [French] – 26th January 2016







3 projects rewarded “Innovation and International for mountain planning!” – 12th November 2015



Pitch Inno'

7 companies with great innovations in mountain planning will detail them at the next Congress of the resort operating companies (Domaines Skiables de France) [French] – 17th September 2015



AAP 2015


Launch of the call for projets “Innovative and International Mountain” [French] – 9th July 2015



Emploi Montagne


Launch of the jobboard dedicated to the mountain sector [French] – 2nd July 2015




General Assembly 2015 : a new board of Directors and many projects for Cluster Montagne [French] - 24th June 2015



Emploi Montagne

Unveiling of, the jobboard of the French mountain planning sector [French] – 23rd April 2015




22 French Companies on the French Village at Interalpin [French] – 13rd March 2015



Partenaires 2015

18 partners of Cluster Montagne in 2015 [French] – 12th February 2015



French companies meet Austrian mountain resorts [French] – 22nd  January 2015






Cluster Montagne takes part in the official trip to Kazakhstan of the President of the French Republic [French]- 5th and 6th December 2014




Cluster Montagne promotes the various jobs in the mountain planning sector at the “International Festival for Mountain Jobs” [French] – From 20th to 23rd November 2014




3 French projects certified “Innovative and International Mountain” ! [French] – 13th November 2014




“Cluster Montagne Innovations”, the first tool to discover innovations in mountain planning, is now online ! And soon in english [French] - 7th October 2014





French companies in mountain planning were at the Czech exhibition Intermountain [French] – From the 30th September to the 1st October 2014





French companies in mountain planning have a dynamic, innovative and international growth [French] – 29th July 2014

>>> Discover the Economic Survey [French]



Accueil USA

Cluster Montagne has the pleasure to welcome north-american ski resorts in France [French] – From 16th au 21st July 2014




MOU Kazakhstan

Cluster Montagne and the Ski Federation of Kazakhstan agree to a memorandum of understanding [French] – 14th July 2014





Cluster Montagne lauches the 2nd call for projets “Innovation and International for mountain planning” [French] - 27th June 2014





Cluster Montagne and Savoie Angels create the 1st investment fund for mountain companies [French] – 27th June 2014




Convention partenariat

Cluster Montagne and Mont-Blanc Industries sign a partnership agreement [French] – 27th June 2014





The General Assembly of Cluster Montagne’s members gathers the key-actors of French mountain [French] – 27th June 2014




Forum franco-suisseMeet with us at the 1st French-Swiss economic seminar for Mountain planning [French] - 1st and 2nd April 2014




Discover the finalists of the Cluster Montagne Awards at the Mountain Planet exhibition (23rd-25th April 2014) [English] ! – 14th April 2014




Cluster Montagne is currently assisting French companies on the Alpitec China exhibition [French] – 21st February 2014



The French Mountain distributes its awards !  [French] ! – 13rd February 2014

Meet Cluster Montagne at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games [French] – 7th February 2014
Discover the French companies who worked on the olympic mountain planning [French] | [English]





How to learn more about the regional support for companies [French] – 23rd January 2014




French mountain actors helping each other in 2014 [French] – 16th January 2014





Logo cluster

Discover tomorrow’s mountains with the winners of Cluster Montagne’s call for projects [French] – 13th December 2013




Logo cluster


10 projects rewarded “Innovation and International for mountain planning !” [French] – 6th December 2013





Cluster Montagne from East to West [French] – 29th October 2013



Logo cluster

First results for the call for projects: how to learn more about the sector of French mountain planning [French] – 22nd October 2013




Logo cluster

Shaping the face of tomorrow’s mountains [English] – 1st October 2013



Accueil Corée du Sud

Cluster Montagne is one step ahead for the Olympic Games of Pyeongchang 2018! [French] – From 23rd to 27th September 2013




Le Cluster Montagne s'associe à Montagne TV pour Enjeux

Partnership between Cluster Montagne and Montagne TV, a national TV channel on the mountain sector, to create the 1st economic TV broadcast on mountain planning [French] – 1st broadcasting on 26th September 2013 at 8.40 pm




Accueil de la délégation de Huairou


Authorities from China get to know better French summer activities [French] – From 11th au 14th September 2013



Cluster Montagne lauches a call for projects : “Innovation and International for mountain planning” [French] – 9th September 2013




Cluster Montagne organizes a meeting between French companies and the Vice Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Mr Asset Issekeshev [French] – 18th July 2013




Favorite French Outdoor Product – and the winners are… [English] – 13rd July 2013




Cluster Montagne holds its annual general meeting [French] – 26th June 2013



Savoie Angels

Cluster Montagne and the association Savoie Angels signed a partnership agreement [French] – 26th April 2013



ISPO 2013

Made in France at the trade show ISPO Munich [French] – from 3rd to 6th February 2013







The path of touristic innovation [French] – 15th and 16th November 2012




Welcome of Mayor of Brasov – Romania [French] – 10th October 2012




Welcome of Governor of Sichuan – China [French] – 26th June 2012




Founding of Cluster Montagne [French] – 13th April 2012




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