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#croissance | Inscrivez-vous aux International Cluster Montagne Days

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Accompagner et promouvoir, en France et dans le monde, les acteurs français de l’aménagement touristique en montagne #réseau #innovation #croissance

#croissance | Inscrivez-vous aux International Cluster Montagne Days

Publié le 01/09/2021 - Get to know the industry, get to know each other!

An event to bring together mountain resorts from around the world: 1 day to share experiences & visions through different countries + 1 day to connect with international expertise & worldwide mountain resorts!

Year 2020 was the beginning of a groundbreaking context for all ski & mountain resorts worldwide.

The 2021 winter season has also been unprecedented, with the global situation constantly changing for all of us. While it was a disaster for some resorts, with either limitation when opening or an inability to open at all, there were also those mountain regions where the situation was favourable and ski stations opened with an acceptable attendance rate. In any case, all mountain destinations throughout the world endured uncertainties, fears, and have worked as never before to try and adapt to be able to host customers.

In this new environment, International Cluster Montagne Days’ digital event will be a great, warm place to meet, talk and share:

  • share our experiences about Covid-crisis lessons,
  • participate in talks about business models, green strategies & diversification for our mountain destinations, regarding our wonderful industry,
  • look beyond today’s situation.

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